I’m Going to Read This! Maybe.


So.  It’s been a while.

Like, four years, a while.  But here I am, giving this blogging thing another go.

I would like to start out with a book that I think I shall read.  Always, with the best intentions, I check books out to read over the weekend, but rarely ever get to them. I’ll let you know if this gets read… or not.

The book, Carnegie’s Maid, by Marie Benedict, looks like a nice, light, possibly romantic read.  Which is what I need.  Anything too heavy right now would just be…. too heavy.  Also, I love historical fiction. And romance. And books where the characters wear pretty dresses.  Don’t judge.

Wish me luck in finishing all 274 pages!



Mating Season

So this time of year, every year, the teens who haunt our library are out full force.  Loitering, smoking, destroying stuff, making out.  Just about everything except using the library as it was intended.  The other day I found the LEGOs in a compromising position, which I assume was thanks to our darling teenagers.  After expressing my frustration to a fellow librarian, she simply said, “Its mating season.” 

And that explains it all.


Satan’s Sleigh


For Christmas, my fellow youth librarians and I perform “T’was the Night Before…” with Mrs. Claus.  Miss C dresses as Mrs. Claus and I am her side-kick, Elfie M.  Well, things usually go just fine, we’re all pros here, but at one particular performance, we were out to shock and awe.

During the program, Mrs. Claus talks a bit about her darling husband, Santa, and all the names he goes by, like St. Nick or Nicolas. Then the name Satan slips out.  Oopsie number one.  And later on, instead of Santa’s sleigh, it ends up being SATAN’S Sleigh that is to be led by Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

It didn’t freak the parents out AT ALL.

“Mommy?  Who is Satan???”

Yes, we truly are the bringers of joy and good tidings this holiday season.

I love Miss C.  Especially when she scares all the good little children.  What makes it even funnier is that Miss C is one of the most Christianly women I know.

When Cheerleaders Grow Up…

They become librarians, right?

That’s not quite right, is it?  I know it’s weird.  During a library conference we were all instructed to gather together based on the groups you associated with in high school (I don’t remember why we had to do this torturous activity).  In a room of roughly 150 people guess how many other cheerleaders I found?  Yup, none.  As I asked around, I was laughed and sneered at by a lot of big ol meanie librarians.  Why?  Because a cheerleader does not fit the typical librarian mold.  I know this.  But there is room for all types of book loving people in librarianship.  Can I get an Amen?

In my former life I was a cheerleader on a competitive squad, cheering for the Dewey Bulldoggers from Dewey, Oklahoma.  I like to think that by growing up in a town called Dewey, it was my oh so subtle cosmic destiny to work in the library world. Either that or the complete and total obsession with books that I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

I’m now a youth librarian in northern Idaho, which I LOVE!  It is likely that some would describe me as enthusiastic and high energy, and it is also quite possible that I lead a library cheer for a board presentation.  All I know is that, for me, cheerleading translated into animated (and loud) story times, dramatic puppet performances, and team spirit.  Yeah!

I love, love, love libraries, children, and books.  So I’m starting this blog because I have been very inspired by reading other blogs, and I want to try my hand at it, too.  I also need a place to share all the hilarious moments, major annoyances, and epic fails that I experience in my library world.

Rah, Rah, Ree!  LIBRARY!!

This would be me…



Book nerds in short skirts rule.



Giving away books is my fave.